Holistic Massage on the Bilancino Lake


"Bahia Cafè"



A little more than 10 million years ago compressive forces formed a large basin that soon the streams, without any more vent, transformed into a lake, Lake Bilancino. The basin stretched for about 300 square kilometers from the Calvana Mountains to the Balze of Vicchio. It is not difficult to imagine what was then the landscape of Mugello: sometimes the blanket of fog that stagnates in the bottom of the basin looks impressively like that liquid surface. The sediments brought later by the streams decreed the end of the lake leaving a flat and fertile valley floor.

A wonderful experience to relax body and mind, surrounded by nature, on the shores of Lake Bilancino, in the beautiful setting of the Tuscan hills. The holistic massage combines different massage techniques, which act on the physical and energetic. To relax tensed muscles and improve circulation.

  • • You will experience relief from tension through assisted stretching and feel the energy of your body awakening. Your mind will be calm and serene again. You just have to relax and enjoy this experience of pure well-being with an exclusive view.
  • •Finish off the experience with a fresh fruit smoothie.
  • • If you prefer to do the morning session, you will feel relaxed and energetic at the same time. If you choose the afternoon session, the energy of the sunset will make you enjoy your calm for a good rest!
  • • Valid for one person at “Bahia Cafè”.

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