Gli Unici – Tuscan experiences and traditions


In November 2020, through an inspiration that looks to the future, the tour operator Mugeltravel and the marketing agency Farmugello decided to give birth to “The Unique – Experiences and Tuscan Traditions”. Starting from the Mugello area, a wide range of activities and experiences have been developed following the passions and lifestyles of our customers.

A journey, a unique and unforgettable experience, to discover unexplored territories outside the classic Tuscan tourist circuits. Exclusive and unique itineraries, rich in history, nature, well-being, food and wine and traditions. Inland areas of our region where tourism often has more difficulty in emerging and the various economic realities do not have the same visibility as the great cities of art or coastal areas. Live an extraordinary experience thanks to a meticulous selection of partners. Micro and small businesses that make the economic and cultural fabric unique; artisans, producers, hoteliers, chefs, farms, tourist / environmental guides, and many other realities of Tuscan quality and excellence. Each one ready to convey their passion and professionalism linked to their territory and traditions, where they can experience firsthand the originality, the quality of the products and services provided, a series of exclusive experiences.

To date, the project has also been replicated in the territories of Casentino, Valdisieve, Valdarno and the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, Chianti, Terre di Siena, Empolese Valdelsa, Montalbano, Montagna Pistoiese and Valdinievole; with the aim of expanding the project at a regional level by 2022.

The project has two sections: the Gift part that is contained in the gift boxes and the Experiences & TravelItineraries part to be offered to customers of the accommodation facilities (both in the various territories involved and in the cities and coastal area of Tuscany) by networking all the Tuscan territories with a unique tourist destination offer, the originality of the Tuscany region.

A project that we are developing in parallel with Gli Unici is the internationalization towards foreign countries of handicraft, food and wine and tourist products from Tuscany. The common vision is to create a sustainable and replicable business model through a cultural exchange, where in addition to the sale of products, there is the desire to discover and savor the true identity of our territories through a series of actions to be carried out in the country of destination as four-handed dinners between Italian Chefs and foreign Chefs, cooking shows, demonstrations of craftsmanship, cooking classes, and moments of B2B training and involvement of B2C; all with the aim of bringing more aware and informed visitors to our country. The medium-term objective is to have new and experienced ambassadors in the destination country who can concretely and daily sell and visit our country.