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Empolese Valdelsa e Montalbano

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the first pressing of the olives through mechanical processes without the use of chemical solvents. Being a monounsaturated fat it resists well to cooking, even at high temperatures, without alterations. It is a natural antioxidant, an anticancer and contains vitamin E. Also excellent to use raw to flavor your dishes thanks to its unique taste and is suitable for children. As in a continuous cycle, in the estate of Villa Petriolo have shown that it is possible to support a productive chain in the round where you can find the “farm”, as it once was, without damaging nature.

Inside the estate, in fact, the animals of their farms such as goats, sheep, hens and Cinte Senesi live in the wild immersed in the uncontaminated green and are fed with organic and selected food.

• A short supply chain day at Villa Petriolo: oil, wine, honey and cheese! Our day together begins with oil, in the company of those who do, to discover how it is grown, how we select the best olives, how they are harvested – by hand – and are squeezed to obtain nectar.
• A first oil tasting will then be followed by a taste of our wines and lunch, an opportunity to learn about the products of the farm of Villa Petriolo and touch the real short chain at the base of our gastronomic offer: there will be cheese, honey, seasonal fruit and vegetables, homemade jams, bread and cakes made with ancient grains and more oil and wines of our production.
• To conclude this delicious gastronomic tour de force, an aperitif on the terrace awaits you!
• Valid for two people at “Villa Petriolo”.

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