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Marradi is a picturesque town of the Upper Mugello on the Romagna side of the Apennines, famous for being the birthplace of one of the most important poets of the ‘900 Dino Campana (1885-1932) and for the delicious fruit of the Marrone. On the toponym of the country there is a curious legend linked to the early years of Dante’s exile: during the escape of the Poet from Florence, He denounced the theft of his horse and was obliged that the inhabitants of the place were all gentlemen. To which, Dante replied with a witty play on words: “Yes, gentlemen, Ma-radi!”

Following a deep and radical restoration of the house in 2018, The suite in cave has been restored to its splendor, a cave cellar dating back to 1400/1500 d.c. providing the structure with the comforts and services suitable for the pleasure of a couple’s stay in full relaxation inside the Suite and equally in the private garden, beautiful in the cool summer evenings comfortably relaxed in the sun loungers under the stars of the sky of Marradi.

• One bed and breakfast.
• A gourmet apericena in cave.
• Valid for two people at the Suite in Grotta “Suite in Grotta”.

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