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Corte San Ruffillo Country Resort


Tosco-Romagnolo Appennino

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Natural border that separates the Po Valley from the most mountainous landscapes of the boot. The Romagna Toscana, one of those villages that during its history has cleverly absorbed the best of the two regions. The border between Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany is not at all abrupt: it lets go naturally in different shades, including Dovadola. This village is of Romanesque origins and medieval structure and is located in a bend of the river Montone, and is interesting not only for its historical charm. Do not miss the Palazzo of Montaguto, which hosted Garibaldi on the run (from here the path traced by CAI: the Garibaldi Path), the Hermitage of Montepaolo, the Abbey of Sant’Andrea and the suggestive workshop of Liutaio Foscolo.

Thus was born in the complex of eighteenth-century Dovadola, Corte San Ruffillo with its 14 beautiful rooms; the restaurant, which uses the meat of its farms and organic products of the fields to prepare menus and breakfasts for each guest… and finally the farm with its laboratory, which transforms the raw material cultivated in the 400 hectares of land in organic foods extraordinarily good: in compotes and chutney, honey, oil, flour and pasta, in traditional salami and wine… mineral and intense, like our land..

• Overnight stay in classic room and breakfast.
• Dinner with three-course menu (two glasses of wine included).
• Valid for two people at the “Corte San Ruffillo Country Resort”.

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