A Night on the Terrace in the Woods



"Podere Pallereto di Sopra"



Cosa include?

The history of this territory begins in ancient times, with the first Etruscan settlements that found in the “Lake of the Idols” the most important site of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines (at the foot of Mount Falterona) where to venerate their deities. The Casentino Forests are an area well known since the Middle Ages, when the Tuscan populations used the precious wood coming from these woods for many activities, such as the Opera del Duomo in Florence and others.
Silence, unspoilt nature, the footsteps of a wild animal: the forest is a magical place, where every walk becomes an incredible experience. Spending a holiday immersed in the woods, sleeping surrounded by nature is even more special, something to live, to rediscover yourself, find a lost well-being, a deep connection with the environment that surrounds us.

• Bed and breakfast in the terrace on the lavende.
• Apericena with local products.
• Valid for two people at “Podere Pallereto di Sopra”.

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