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“It only grows in certain tiny hidden corners of the world – says Paul Giamatti-Miles in Sideways, a famous film by Alexander Payne – and only the most patient and loving of growers can make it… And also, come on… oh, its aromas are the most bewitching and brilliant, exciting and subtle and ancient of our planet”. “Yet if they had advised me to plant Brussels sprouts, I would have trusted them!” Our Paolo Cerrini of Azienda Agricola il Rio, who instead became the pioneer of Pinot Noir in Mugello, echoes him. Wine was not understood, but his mentor was Marco De Grazia (the Barolo Boy who with Terre Nere would later redesign Etna), who had no doubts: clay land, short summers, temperature excursions and humidity important? Well, to get out of the undrinkable “wines of the farmer”, typical of the area, there was to disappear the cards… “But despite everything the first harvests did not promise much”.

A unique and exclusive treasure chest containing the seven types of Pinot Noir found in Mugello:
• A bottle of “Gattaia Pinot Noir” from the “Terre di Giotto” winery.
• A bottle of Pinot Noir from the “Azienda Agricola Il Lago”.
• A bottle of Pinot Noir “Ventisei” from “Azienda Agricola Il Rio”.
• A bottle of Pinot Noir from the “Azienda Agricola Frascole”.
• A bottle of Pinot Noir “Baccarossa” from the”Tenuta Baccanella”.
• A bottle of Pinot Noir Coldaia” from “Podere Fortuna”.
• A bottle of Primum Spumante classic method Pinot Noir from the “Azienda Agricola Cortevecchia”.

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