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In Mugello the historical and religious heritage is a fundamental part of the cultural heritage: visitors can find churches, abbeys, convents and oratories scattered throughout the territory. Along narrow country roads you discover ancient Romanesque churches preceded by a row of cypress trees, in the historic centers of the towns stand the bell towers of evocative churches on top of mountains are lonely and austere monasteries.

Among the many and diversified news of events and artistic events that take place not only on the territory of Mugello, Alto Mugello and Val di Sieve, we find “I faustarelli – Giochi d’Arte”an imaginative zoo of animals halfway between games and sculptures born from the assembly of the most heterogeneous recovery materials with an eye to wood and color.

• You can choose the exclusive artisan/artistic sculptures , including the “I Faustarelli- Giochi d’Arte”bizarre and funny animals halfway between toy and sculpture made from the most heterogeneous recycled materials or a wide choice of custom frames suitable for every circumstance, to be realized with ready-made profiles or with the ancient methods of the master craftsmen of plaster and gilding The sculptures are unique and not replicable pieces, it is advisable to visit the workshop if you choose the Gift Idea
• Valid for a product eligible for the price of the “Bottega Artigiana IncorniciArti”.

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