The Discvery of Gin




"La Casa di Peter"



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As for the production of gin and grappa, the Tuscan juniper berries are the most sought after, and contribute to give life to some of the most famous distillates in the world. An example of all? The international Bombay Gin Sapphire. Many are also the Tuscan Gin artisans who have earned a cosmopolitan place of honor in the field of spirits.
Probably not everyone is aware that the best juniper in the world grows in Tuscany. This is why, when Patrick Hoffer, an Englishman living in Florence and a great gin enthusiast, realized this, he decided to create a distillery capable of producing only and exclusively the juniper distillate: the first in Italy.

• Guided tour of the distillery to deepen the knowledge of our gin and the world of distillation.
• Tasting of “PIF”, our gin and tonic.
• Valid for two people at the “La Casa di Peter”.

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